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Welcome to, a movie site where:

  1. movie titles are placed on one of three lists to indicate whether they are considered Good (movies which I recommend), Ugly (“guilty pleasure” movies), or Bad (movies which have received much praise but which I personally dislike).
  2. visitors are free to rate any of the listed titles.

In many ways, this is just a standard movie blog. I have reviewed and rated an eclectic range of movies according to my own opinions and judgments. However, being a psychologist, I am keenly aware that all thinking is governed by biases, no review is infallible, and an entrenched viewpoint is the sign of unchecked ego. Therefore, I have aimed to create a list of movies & ratings which has this awareness built in, where a titles’ rating & classification (Good, Bad, or Ugly) is fluid & the subject of endless debate. Furthermore, all visitors are invited to rate each title for themselves and/or indicate if they believe a title has been incorrectly listed. If they’re particularly worked up, well that’s what the petitions are for.

Rating Titles

Anyone who visits is free to rate any of the titles. As the reviewer, my rating is the primary rating for each title. Visitor’s ratings are visible in the drop-down field of the “Your Rating” or “Rate Movie” options.

The rating format is governed by the list each title is placed on. For example, titles listed on the Good & Ugly lists can be rated from anywhere between 60-100 but a lower rating must take the form of a vote for list change (“Bad” or “No List”). If over 50% of visitors’ votes are for a list change, I will revisit the title in question and if I am still in agreement with my original listing, I will rewrite the review to better account for my position. If I have been convinced that a list change is in order, I will rewrite the review accordingly and make the switch.

Commenting on Posts/Contributing to Debates

Commenting on the various posts and petition-related debates is now available to all visitors. You alone are responsible for what you say so please be polite and considerate at all times and remember this blog is about the enjoyment of good cinema. takes no responsibility for what is said in comments but I do reserve the right to remove any comments which I deem inappropriate as soon as it comes to my attention.

Getting e-mail notifications of new posts on

New reviews, revisions to old reviews, or articles and thought pieces are posted every day. If you would like to be notified of new reviews, you can sign up for email notifications or notifications via RSS. Both of these options are available on the home page or in the sidebar of the other pages.

Links to

If you wish to purchase any of the movies which are reviewed on this site, just click on the poster and you will be shown the dvd price on In each case, I have picked the lowest price available at that time. I have not taken dvd extras or format into account so you may want browse further to satisfy your specific requirements.


  1. I believe that indisputably bad films (e.g., Pearl Harbor) are not worth reviewing or commenting on so they will not feature on my Bad list. They are simply categorised as “No List”.
  2. Movies are rated on this site but I avoid something as definitive as a personal ranking.
  3. Where a movie title has been moved to a different list due to a successful petition, the review and rating attached to that title will be replaced by the review (argument) and rating of the visitor who made the petition.
  4. This site will never be finished and titles which you’d expect to see listed but are not, may appear on it in the future.
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