Best Seller (1987) 2.86/5 (1)


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Rating: The Good – 67.3
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 110  mins
Director: John Flynn’
Stars: James Woods, Brian Dennehy, Victoria Tennant

John Flynn’s thriller about a psychopathic hit-man (played with typical gusto by James Woods) who asks a cop turned writer (the always excellent Brian Dennehy) to write a book exposing his life and the gangster he worked for would be little more than an above average 80′s thriller if it wasn’t for the terrific performances of the two leads and the steady, assured pacing of one of that era’s most underrated directors. On top of that, Flynn’s soft pallets and Jay Ferguson’s interesting score (reminiscent of Tangerine Dream at their height) give Best Seller a quintessential 80′s vibe which adds a nostalgic quality to the movie for those who grew up in that decade.

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