Clash of the Titans (1981) 4/5 (2)


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Rating: The Good – 67.5
Genre: Fantasy
Duration: 118 mins
Director: Desmond Davis
Stars: Laurence Olivier, Harry Hamlin, Claire Bloom

As is the case with the vast majority of remakes, the original is by far the better film. In this case it wouldn’t be difficult because the remake is so poor but there are also plenty of good things about the original Clash of the Titans. If you’ve seen it when you were younger then you’ve got the nostalgia factor but even if you haven’t, you’ll appreciate the more cohesive story line as well as the craft and ingenuity that went into making the nasty creatures on show so scary. Davis’ use of shadows and sound during the Medusa and three witches sequences are particular standouts but it’s Ray Harryhausen’s masterful special effects which resonate so completely with the darker reaches of our psyches. Few effects maestros could tap our childhood archetypes for unnaturalness and evil like Harryhausen could and that’s demonstrated here better than anywhere. Naturally, there are a few moments where the creature effects come across as dated but for the most part this film still stands up as an epic Greek mythology movie and a triumphant example of classic special effects.

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