Clockers (1995) 4/5 (2)


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Rating: The Good – 68.3
Genre: Crime, Drama
Duration: 128 mins
Director: Spike Lee
Stars: Harvey Keitel, John Turturro, Delroy Lindo

Fresh and stylishly shot film about a drug pusher and the hierarchy he operates within partly by his own choice and partly because of the influence and fear the gangster he works for holds over him. Mekhi Pfifer plays “Strike”, a conflicted character whose no push over but still suffers (both physically and mentally) from the anxiety that comes with the way of life he has chosen. Delroy Lindo is the dangerous and uncompromising criminal he works for who charges him with the murder of a local rival pusher. Whether Strike obeyed these orders is unclear even after that pusher shows up dead the next day and veteran cop Harvey Keitel is determined to find out one way or another. Clockers is a complicated and multi-threaded story that is very different from much of what we’ve seen before in this genre. Richard Price co-adapted his own novel along with director Spike Lee and was more interested in the inner consequences of Strike’s way of life than the outer ones. Lee brings his signature style to the proceedings and so infuses what could otherwise be a slow moving story with a slick and dangerous coolness. The acting is first rate with the three leads each impressing in very different ways. John Turturro and the always watchable Keith David offer weighty support.

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