Coffy (1973) 2.57/5 (2)


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Rating: The Good – 74.7
Genre: Crime, Action
Duration: 91 mins
Director: Jack Hill
Stars: Pam Grier, Booker Bradshaw, Robert DoQui

“Coffy is the color.” The definitive blaxploitation movie stars the excellent Pam Grier in the film that made her an icon. Grier plays a nurse who has had enough of the pushers and pimps who are bringing her neighbourhood down and takes justice into her own hands. The movie opens with her setting up the pusher that got her sister hooked on drugs but her attention is quickly shifted to the self-styled ‘King George’ (just check out his intro track) and his bosses. Coffy is everything that Hollywood movies both then but especially now have been afraid to show. A black female heroine who gets bloody, no holes barred vengeance on her male oppressors and isn’t afraid to compromise her chastity to do it. In that sense, it’s a cinematic breath of fresh air but in a more general sense, it’s a cracking little story directed with panache and bravado by the legendary Jack Hill. Grier is electric and easily the most endearing of heroines to lead a film and there are some belting action scenes that prove she’s no soft touch either. Yes, there are all the drawbacks of an exploitation movie such as shoddy production values and cheesy acting but that all adds to the underground flavor. And on top of all that, movie buffs will enjoy spotting just how much of this film affected and influenced the films of Quentin Tarantino, the ultimate example of which being none other than Jackie Brown.

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