Crossfire (1947) 2.57/5 (2)


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Rating: The Good – 67.6
Genre: Film-Noir
Duration: 86 mins
Director: Edward Dmytryk
Stars: Robert Mitchum, Gloria GrahameSam Levene

“Hating…can end up killing people who wear striped neckties.” A standard enough murder plot involving three off-duty soldiers is elevated due to some prescient social analysis and even a forewarning of where the anti- communist witch hunts (still in their infancy) were heading. Robert Young plays the insightful detective, Robert Mitchum the good-hearted sergeant, and Robert Ryan the surly soldier who may or may not have something to do with the murder. Dmytryk shot the film in a film noir style for convenience and in truth that’s where its connection to the genre ends. The plot is much more basic than your typical noir and the characters nowhere near as ambiguous. That said, the film remains one of the clearest explanations of hate and bigotry and is worth watching for that alone. As an interesting side note, Crossfire is the film that supposedly drew the attention of the House of Unamerican Activities towards liberal Hollywood.

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