Dog Soldiers (2002) 3.57/5 (1)


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Rating: The Good – 73.3
Genre: Action, Horror
Duration: 105 mins
Director: Neil Marshall
Stars: Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Emma Cleasby

Original and hugely entertaining take on the werewolf genre, this atmospheric gem focuses on an army unit dropped into the middle of the Scottish highlands for a routine training mission only to find a bunch of hungry werewolves waiting for them. The key to this film is the chemistry between the soldiers particularly between Sean Pertwee and Kevin McKidd with the former turning in a brilliant and often hilarious performance as the unit’s cheeky but charming cockney sergeant. There’s a strong understanding between Pertwee and director Neil Marshall which allows Marshall build much of the film’s momentum around Pertwee’s brilliant line delivery. It’s an uncommon device but it works a storm. The action and thrills of the various soldier-werewolf skirmishes are hugely impressive also as Marshall interlaces a seemingly endless series of quick cuts with the frantic banter of the men. And no, fans of gore won’t be disappointed either. Dog Soldiers is exactly what an action horror should be. Clever, innovative, colourful, and just great fun.

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