Fun With Dick and Jane (1977) 3.54/5 (5)


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Rating: The Good – 70.1
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 95 mins
Director: Ted Kotcheff
Stars: Jane Fonda, George Segal, Ed McMahon

The original and best Fun with Dick and Jane sees Jane Fonda and George Segal turning to a life of crime in order to pay the bills once Segal has been let go from his lucrative job in aerospace. This is an exceedingly funny and charming caper movie defined by some top-notch chemistry between the two leads, a general sense of fun, and some fantastically conceived set-pieces. Whether it be the couple’s first attempts at robbing a liquor store or the later chase sequence involving a faith healer and his loudspeaker equipped van, this movie will have you laughing some good old fashioned honest laughs. Ted Kotcheff is a dab-hand at the comedy vehicle and it’s his soft touch that allows this one to so effortlessly grab a hold of you. That said, David Giler, Jerry Belson, and Mordecai Richler’s witty screenplay made it a lot easier for him.

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