Michael Clayton (2007) 4.71/5 (6)


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Rating: The Good – 80.1
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 119 mins
Director: Tony Gilroy
Stars: George Clooney, Tilda Swinton, Tom Wilkinson

Superb thriller made in the spirit of those great 1970′s films which were defined by paranoia, corruption, and a slowly built sense of threat. Michael Clayton (George Clooney) is a lawyer who specialises in fixing problems incurred by his law firm’s biggest clients. When one of their own senior partners (Tom Wilkinson) has a mental breakdown which threatens to lose a class action suit for a major client, Clayton is called in to contain the situation and becomes embroiled in a corporate cover-up that ultimately puts his life in danger. Michael Clayton is a slow-burning and dialogue-driven film that focuses on the dark side to corporate life. The story thoughtfully explores how the various characters deal with the demands of that life and the commitment required to see it through and/or turn one’s back on it. Clooney is fantastic as the mysterious lawyer and he keeps the audience guessing right up until the end. Wilkinson is in thunderous form and dominates every scene he features in as does Tilda Swinton in her Oscar winning turn as the nasty corporate executive. Despite its slow pace, Tony Gilroy’s disciplined direction ensures that Michael Clayton remains compelling throughout while Robert Elswit’s cinematography and John Gilroy’s immaculate editing make it a treat to watch. It all comes together wonderfully at the end with a final scene that appropriately takes its lead from The Long Good Friday.

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