My Bloody Valentine (1981) 2.9/5 (3)


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Rating: The Good – 75.3
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Duration: 90 mins
Director: George Mihalka
Stars: Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier, Neil Affleck

This cult favourite gives the slasher genre a slight twist and some well-(err…)fleshed out characters, resulting in a top notch gore fest. Swapping the typical middle class setting for a working class one, My Bloody Valentine focuses on a mining town which years earlier was terrorised by a vengeful killer every Valentine’s Day until the townspeople agreed to stop holding their annual dance on that day. Two decades later, after all lessons are forgotten, the younger generation prepare to bring back the tradition only to bring the killer back with it. The generally unknown cast are fairly wooden and one suspects at the very least, they needed better notes. That said, John Beaird’s patient and well developed screenplay carries them through the movie despite these shortcomings, while on the more technical side of things, director George Mihalka exploits both the mining and Valentine’s context to generate a hat-full of original murder sequences. The result is an atmospheric and highly memorable slasher movie that’s as fun as it is gruesome.

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