North by Northwest (1959) 4.71/5 (2)


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Rating: The Good – 87.4
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 136 mins
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Stars: Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason

One of Hitchcock’s funnier thrillers and certainly one of his most epic, North by Northwest is an exquisitely shot and expertly paced thriller which ticks all the boxes. Cary Grant has never been wittier and commands the screen in his own inimitable way. He stars as a wealthy businessman mistaken for a spy by secret group who get him mixed up in the assassination of a UN diplomat. Eva Marie Saint is perfect as the mysterious female and James Mason is typically nefarious. The action sequences have gone down as some of the most memorable in history for many reasons but none more important than their choreography and cinematography. All in all, this is a sweeping tale that will keep you enthralled no matter how many times you’ve seen it.

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