Planet Terror (2007) 2.57/5 (2)


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Rating: The Good – 69.7
Genre: Horror
Duration: 105 mins
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Stars: Rose McGowan, Bruce Willis, Quentin Tarantino

Robert Rodriguez always has fun with his films but never so much as he has here. Part of the Grindhouse double feature (of which Tarantino’s Death Proof was the second feature), Planet Terror is a tongue in cheek homage to the Grindhouse horror movies of the 70′s. Don’t look for story here (town becomes infected by chemical weapon that creates flesh eating slowly dissolving zombies is about it), just enjoy the collage of set pieces one wilder than the other. Rose McGowan shines in an impressive cast as the one-legged go go dancer and Freddy Rodriguez does well as the hero. The rest of the cast amounts to a series of cameos the most welcome of which surely must be Michael Biehn’s as the town sheriff. Bruce Willis shows up here and there and so too does co-producer Quentin Tarantino himself in a hysterical performance as a mutating soldier. In a film such as this, there are film references galore but those nodding to John Carpenter’s and George Romero’s films are most prevalent. Not surprisingly therefore the shocks come mainly as things dart out of night accompanied by piercing sound effects signalling an overdose of gore.

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2 thoughts on “Planet Terror (2007)”

  1. Good review! I actually prefer PT over QT’s talky Death Proof. It really had that unique grindhouse movie feel where as Death Proof started off like one but veered off a bit. If you listen carefully RR places in a Carpenter musical cue that is lifted from EFNY, I believe.

    1. I’ve noticed it all right. He’s thrown in quite a lot JC nods over his career.

      I know what you mean re: PT vs Death Proof. The former is definitely more in spirit with the grindhouse format. I always felt that QT has a b-movie director’s soul trapped in a genius mind. As much as he can pay homage to those films, his own quality raises any project he’s involved on to a different level. I know this is controversial but I think Death Proof is just to accomplished a film to be classed as grindhouse. Too much visionary focus. I wasn’t happy with it when I saw it first because I was expecting a looser-and-faster grindhouse flick. Now I praise it to the high heavens:)

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