Predator 2 (1990) 3.15/5 (4)


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Rating: The Good – 67.8
Genre: Action Sci-Fi
Duration: 108 mins
Director: Stephen Hopkins
Stars: Danny Glover, Gary Busey, Bill Paxton

Following up on an action classic is never an easy task but Stephen Hopkins and Danny Glover do more than a decent job. The setting is LA sometime in the not too distant future (for 1990!) when the city is run by two competing drug cartels and the cops are struggling to keep up. Into this carnage steps the eponymous alien who continues its trophy collecting until it gets the attention of tough cop Glover – or until he gets its attention. Glover excels in the role and gives us a different type of action hero than we normally see. His tall bulky frame provides all the physical presence he needs but he complements it nicely with a varied personality that is at times both hostile and quite genial. There are a number of always enjoyable support players on show from Bill Paxton’s smart talking detective (making this a hat trick of classic sci-fi nasties he’s faced) to Gary Busey’s military scientist. The action does not come close to that of McTiernan’s gem but it’s still ahead of your typical Hollywood actioneer. The Predator visual effects are really impressive but unfortunately they don’t pay much attention to the way it sounds which was a key strength of the first film. The last half hour is pure action and there’s some decent humour thrown in to good effect such as the old lady attempting to fend off the Predator with her broom. In the main, Predator 2 is a worthy addition to the franchise that gives us everything we want from the action sci-fi genre.

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