Salem’s Lot (1979) 3.43/5 (1)


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Rating: The Good – 85.6
Genre: Horror
Duration: 112 mins
Director: Tobe Hooper
Stars: James Mason, David Soul, Lance Kerwin

It may be a miniseries but this adaptation of Stephen King’s novel is a lesson in atmosphere setting. David Soul stars as a writer who moves back to the small town he grew up in ostensibly to write a new book but in reality to face a childhood fear of an old house he could never shake. His arrival coincides with a new series of murders that have all the hallmarks of vampirism and he’s not surprised to find that it traces back to that house. Soul is terrific and he is surrounded by a top supporting cast which includes Bonnie Bedelia, Geoffrey Lewis, and the great James Mason as the man at the centre of all the dark happenings. Some of the make up effects have dated but thanks to Tobe Hooper’s brilliant direction, it doesn’t seem to diminish the film’s ability to scare. On the contrary, Salem’s Lot is one of the more frightening film experiences and it’s got the floating child vampires to prove it!

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