Scanners (1981)


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Rating: The Good – 74.2
Genre: Science Fiction
Duration: 103 mins
Director: David Cronnenberg
Screenplay: David Cronnenberg
Stars: Stephen Lack, Patrick McGoohan, Jennifer O’Neill

A terrific horror written and directed by David Cronnenberg who strikes just the right balance between mainstream and skewed story telling. This is a film accessible enough to engage everyone but inaccessible enough to leave them slightly uncomfortable. It tells the story of a telepathically gifted group of humans (scanners) in North America who are caught between a defence contractor who wants to use them in its weapons programme and a more sinister force led by the always great Michael Ironside. The film does come across slightly dated by now though the special effects seem all the creepier because of it (check out those grotesque pulsating veins). Stephen Lack is completely wooden and a little laughable in the lead role. However, all shortcomings on the acting front are made up for by Patrick McGoohan as the scientist studying the scanners and in particular Ironside who devours the scenery as one of the great sci-fi villains, Darryl Revok.

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