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Logan’s Run (1976) 3.67/5 (3)


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Rating: The Ugly – 64.2
Genre: Science Fiction
Duration: 119 mins
Director: Michael Anderson
Stars: Michael York, Jenny Agutter, Richard Jordan

A great concept (futuristic underground world where the population is controlled through a form of mass suicide) is brought to life with some impressive production design and a real nasty performance by the late great Richard Jordan. Michael York (Logan) and Jordan (Francis) play two ‘Sandmen’ whose job it is to track down ‘runners’, those who try to escape their social obligation to kill themselves at 30. Logan and Francis are suitably arrogant given the power they have and are quite content with life until Logan himself is betrayed by the artificial intelligence that runs his underground city. All of a sudden the hunter becomes the hunted as Logan and another runner Jessica-6 must stay ahead of his former partner and the rest of the sandmen. Logan’s Run is a thrilling film and conceptually it was years ahead of contemporary science-fiction thrillers. Unfortunately, it has dated immensely since its release and together with York’s sometimes cheesy performance not even Jordan’s excellent turn can warrant this being anything more than a guilty pleasure movie.

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