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The Cassandra Crossing (1976) 3/5 (1)


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Rating: The Good – 67.8
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 118 mins
Director: George Pan Cosmatos
Screenplay: George Pan Cosmatos, Robert Katz
Stars: Sophia Loren, Burt Lancaster, Richard Harris, Martin Sheen

A terrific old school disaster movie about the attempts to contain a carrier of the pneumonic plague on board a Swiss train bound for Scandinavia. Richard Harris top-lines as a famous doctor trapped on board the train who together with his ex-wife (played by Sofia Loren) take control of the situation until such time that the military show up with an altogether more extreme solution to the potential epidemic. This is really a nice little film from an era which specialised in such movies. There is an interesting array of characters all of whom are nicely rounded and the action on the train is well juxtaposed with the colder more clinical efforts of the commanding colonel (Burt Lancaster) as he attempts to contain the situation from an office in Geneva. Harris, Loren, and Lancaster are in fine form and Martin Sheen offers his usual presence in support. Cosmotos handles it all well and shows some genuine clever touches such as giving the eponymous bridge an ominous character of its own.

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