The Best of Times (1986)


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Rating: The Good – 65.4
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 104 mins
Director: Roger Spottiswoode
Stars: Kurt Russell, Robin Williams, Pamela Reed

Ron Shelton and Roger Spottiswoode team up again for this quasi-quirky but fully enjoyable sports comedy. Robin Williams is a middle-aged banker whose life was ruined when he fumbled a last second catch  in the most important high school football game in his town’s history. Obsessed with making amends he cajoles the town into challenging their age old rivals from the big city to a rematch with the reluctant help of Reno Hightower (Kurt Russell), the star quarterback from that team. The Best of Times is a charming little comedy tinted with just the right amount of nostalgia. Russell and Williams are great together and their respective wives are played well by Pamela Reed and Holly Palance. There’s only a few genuinely funny moments but mainly this movie is all about bringing a satisfied smile to the face. Best fun of all is the climactic game, full of all the small town idiosyncrasies you’d see in real life and with plenty of wisecracks and nifty set pieces thrown in for good measure. Writer Ron Shelton has always been a dab hand with sporting comedies and while this was one of his more modest efforts it still manages to capture all the eccentricities of our love for sports.

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