The Bourne Identity (2002) 2.71/5 (2)


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Rating: The Good – 71.4
Genre: Action Thriller
Duration: 119 mins
Director: Doug Liman
Screenplay: Tony Gilroy, W. Blake Herron
Stars: Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Chris Cooper

Few movies have had such an impact on the action genre as Doug Liman’s kinetic adaptation of Robert Ludlum’s novel. Everything about The Bourne Identity had a new grittier edge to it from Tony Gilroy’s tech-savvy script, to the fast-paced documentary style direction, to Matt Damon’s austere portrayal of Jason Bourne. The film begins with said agent being found adrift in the sea. Suffering from amnesia, as Bourne attempts to piece back together his previous life he sets in motion a series of events which make him the target of his former agency. The supporting cast contribute to the pervading sense of über-authenticity just as much as Damon, Liman, and Gilroy with Franka Potente (as a German girl who gets caught up in Bourne’s escape) and Chris Cooper (as Bourne’s CO) doing particularly well. The action scenes were revolutionary for a Hollywood film of the time with the Parisian chase sequence easily ranking as one of the best car chases in movie history.

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