The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)


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Rating: The Good – 87.5
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 104 mins
Director: Joseph Sargent
Stars: Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw, Martin Balsam

The Daddy of the 70’s thriller gives us one of Walter Matthau’s best performances as the smart talking Subway Transit cop who has to negotiate with the legendary Robert Shaw’s nasty hijacker. This is exactly what a thriller should do. From scene one when that thumping David Shire score (which on its own could have defined the best decade in American cinema) jumps out at you, this movie has you and it keeps you right through to the closing scene. The tension is built up in sublime fashion as director Joseph Sargent takes his time introducing the various characters and their even bigger personalities. In fact, perhaps the most enjoyable aspect to the movie is watching the various headstrong characters playing off each other (each one a walking, talking force of New York nature) as they each do their bit to solve matters to their own satisfaction. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three directly inspired Tarantino in his writing of Reservoir Dogs, and it’s not difficult to see why as Peter Stone’s screenplay is eaten up by the uniformly splendid cast. Accept No Substitutes!

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  1. I’ve come across some great movies I’d never heard of thanks to your twitter feed and site in general. This is one commprehensive movie site!!! nicely written, and a great site mate!

    1. Cheers Jordan. Those kind of comments means a hell of a lot as it’s difficult to know for sure if the reviews are hitting their mark. Delighted you’re enjoying them and thanks for stopping by:)

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