The Town (2010) 3.57/5 (2)


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Rating: The Good – 69.7
Genre: Crime
Duration: 118 mins
Director: Ben Affleck
Screenplay: Ben Affleck, Peter Craig
Stars: Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall, Jeremy Renner

Ben Affleck’s follow up to his excellent debut Gone Baby Gone is not as good as that film but its nonetheless a thoroughly entertaining and original heist movie set in an area of Boston remarkable for its preponderance of bank-robbers. Affleck and Renner are excellent as the hardcore thieves with the latter being particularly watchable in the scenes he’s given. Rebecca Hall is fine if a little dull as the conflicted love interest while salty dogs Chris Cooper and the late Pete Posthelwaite add some extra grit where needed. Affleck proves yet again he can keep an audience engrossed for 120 minutes and he also proves a dab hand at the action scenes (although the scene where the two men run a gang of hoods out of town seemed crow-barred in for the sake of needless action). Despite some very minor issues and the overt soppiness of the final scene, The Town is a worthy addition to the crime genre.

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