Total Recall (1990) 3.67/5 (3)


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Rating: The Good – 75.9
Genre: Science Fiction
Duration: 113 mins
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, Michael Ironside

Paul Verhoeven’s worthy adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s futuristic short story was a landmark in special effects on its release but like all great sci-fi, it’s the intelligent story and cracking characters that make it so good. Arnold Schwarzenegger headlines as Douglas Quaid, a man who recurrently dreams of life on Mars only to discover that he’s been there before and has had his memories of it and that previous life erased. When that discovery makes him a target for nasty men with guns and attitude, Doug hightails it to Mars to unravel the mystery. Along with his role of Dutch in Predator, Quaid was the role that showed Arnie was more than just brawn on screen. There’s much humour in his performance and not only is it in sync with the general vibe of the film, it’s well timed and infused with more than a touch of personality – something that couldn’t always have been said about his comedy attempts. Sharon Stone, Ronny Cox, and best of all Michael Ironside play the particularly dastardly bad guys and between them and Schwarzenegger the classic one-liners come thick and fast. Verhoeven’s mark is all over Total Recall which is no bad thing as his colourful and mischievous style nicely complements the pulp background from which the story hails.

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