Tremors (1990) 3/5 (1)


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Rating: The Good – 77.2
Genre: Comedy, Horror
Duration: 96 mins
Director: Ron Underwood
Stars: Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Finn Carter

Hugely entertaining creature-feature that shows yet again that inspiration and intelligence can produce better horror and sci-fi than the biggest of budgets. Kevin Bacon and the great Fred Ward play two down on their luck handy-men who yearn to escape the confines of the small desert town Perfection only to find their way blocked by some nasty giant underground worms who seem to lock in on the vibrations of anything that moves above the ground and then eat it. The creature effects are fantastic and like Carpenter’s The Thing they rely on innovative methods more than big budget technology. However, the major strength of any film where the threat goes mostly unseen must be in the chemistry between those actors we do see and this is where Tremors is a runaway success. The characters are all playfully drawn out and watching them zing off each other for the entire 90 mins is a hoot. Bacon and Ward are terrific together and form one of the better on-screen partnerships while Michael Gross and Finn Carter are just two of the excellent support players who do their bit.

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