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We all have our favourite Action Heroes, many of whom typically hark back to our earliest experiences of movie enjoyment. Yes, there’s a nostalgia to them, there’s even a coolness but those heroes which graced the silver screen in the 80’s and 90’s had a lot of class in their construction. The same cannot be said for today’s action heroes as the most recent attempt to bring John McClane back to the screen can attest to and save for Jason Bourne, the 21st century cinema landscape has been lacking the personality of earlier decades. The action hero of those days was tough and gritty but rarely was he the best of the best of the best… as today’s jokers almost invariably are. And if he or she was, it certainly wasn’t rammed down the audiences’ throats. More often, they were just unlucky guys and gals who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and got their asses handed to them as much as they kicked the bad guys’. Die Hard’s John McClane and Alien’s Ripley are the best examples of this and while McClane was at least a cop, Ripley was in no way the kind of security personnel that was needed to take a creature of those proportions on. So what made them so good as action heroes? Well, it was their persistence in spite of their shortcomings that did it and then having enough dignity to do it with personality. Enter the one-liners! Not the smart-ass quips from a fearless modern day automaton hero but the nervous attempts to psych out their enemy and keep everyone around them including themselves calm. This vulnerability is at the essence of this list of action heroes I have compiled for the current face-off. Everyone listed below is human and has had no intervention from technology, biology, sorcery, or whatever else makes heroes “super”. Such characters belong on a different list. Even the likes of Jason Bourne have been omitted because his skills were down to special conditioning and pharmaceutical treatments. Some may question the inclusion of Kill Bill’s the Bride given the gravity bending skills she demonstrated. However, it was her vulnerability that made her so endearing as an action hero not to mention the manner in which her strengths were always sourced in her femininity (unlike most modern day heroines who seem to need to act according to male stereotypes in order to qualify as such). This Face-Off will pit those hardcore crackers of heads and jokes alike against each other in a knockout style competition. A top 10 list has been decided upon (see below – heroes are listed alphabetically) and over the coming days, they will be paired off at random in a series of face-offs which you will vote on. The winners of each face-off will proceed to the next round where they’ll face of against each other and so on until there’s only one left standing. Remember to vote for the hero who you favour more, not who you think is the toughest – this is a Face-Off not a “Death Match”!

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