What About Bob? (1991)


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Rating: The Good – 76.6
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 99 mins
Director: Frank Oz
Stars: Bill Murray, Richard Dreyfuss, Julie Hagerty

Bob (Bill Murray) is afraid of everything but that’s not the biggest problem he presents to his new psychiatrist Leo (Richard Dreyfuss) who can’t seem to get rid of him even while on vacation. This movie hails from a far less formulaic time as far as comedies are concerned and its lack of pretension and reliance on well made jokes and a tidy premise is refreshing. It’s not one of Bill Murray’s funniest performances but even at half throttle he’ll still bring a smile to your face. Furthermore, if there’s any slack, Richard Dreyfuss is on hand to pick it up. Dreyfuss is one of the few straight actors who can do comedy with an easy naturalness and he more than holds his own against Murray. In fact, his own unique brand of frantic humour drives the best moments in the movie and truth be told, his Dr. Leo is one of that era’s funnier characters. Frank Oz is a dab hand at these kind of comedies and his light-hearted approach combined with Miles Goodman’s mischievous score ensures What About Bob? remains perfectly pitched throughout. If you’re in the mood for some easy laughs, you could do a hell of a lot worse!

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